…3 minute Lifting!

Don’t waste another thought on your desire to look young…
This 3-minute lifting is a 2-phase elixir in one flacon.

With Ultimate Young wishes and dreams become reality in just a few seconds.

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Current News
Ultimate Young is also available in the Triple Lift Set
Now together with our new 24 hour face cream 4ever.
The perfect anti-aging duo with short, medium and long-term effects against the 7 sings of aging.
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Are you already using the Ultimate Young App?
Results in just 3 minutes: take a photo, apply Ultimate Young, wait 3 minutes, take an "afterwoods" photo and the "before and after" effects will convince you and your customers! We promise!
Ultimate Young – its new look is "brilliant"
the design in gleaming chromium gives the new flacons exclusivity and true value: an object of desire. Design, exclusivity and results in 3 minutes have a new name – Ultimate Young.  3-Minute Lifting as a 2-phase elixir in 1 flacon!
Ultimate Young – Skin friendliness dermatologically approved.
The product safety had already been confirmed in scientific tests at the university of Wuerzburg (Germany) in conjunction with the renowned Frauenhofer Institute and now it has received another seal of approval: its skin friendliness has been dermatologically confirmed by the Institue Dr. Schrader.
No gift ideas for Mother's Day?
We have the perfect gift for you to say "thank you" to your mom. Ultimate Young gives the secret of regained beauty and youthfulness.
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Perfect care and radiant youthfulness for your skin.
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New, excited messages are reaching us every day about Ultimate Young
for example from Horst Steinkogler, "Ultimate  Young's effect is amazing. I only had one side treated to be able to see the difference better. It is great. THANK YOU!"
How was your experience? We look forward to receiving your feedback  as a customer review
Ultimate Young fully optimized
• now with optimized viscosity
• in a new exclusive jar
• sealed for freshness (remove before first use)
• with cover inside (so jar, lid and screw thread always remain clean)
• spatula for hygenique use
Ultimate Young is now available for everybody – for every Distributor and every customer!
Now be quick and secure yourself Ultimate Young from this second delivery (...before it sells out again in record time!)
More news
With Ultimate Young wrinkles are optically lessened and the skin stretches visibly in a way you will also feel. Experience the unique feeling of perfection and defined facial contours – the photos below will convince you.

Ultimate Young of course uses PM-International's successful NTC: the exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept, NTC, carries nutrients to exactly where they are needed exactly when they are needed – to cell level. From inside and out.
Customer reviews
I have been using the product for 3 months!!! Every time its a new extraordinary experience! Wrinkles and lines just disappear in front of you!!
Kirsten Mathilde Larsen
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Ruth Wendel
Annette Laakmann-Fneiche
Dieter Hearing
Manon Rock
Alain Ludwig
Jürgen Euler
Gerda Schäfer
Anja Seitz
Doris Wagemann
Doris Danch
Steffen Huchstedt
Jürgen Reinke
“It is simply fantastic. I could watch as the laughter lines around and below my eyes increasingly disappeared within a few seconds. All I could think was: WOW. This fantastic result bowled me over. Sensational! No one will be able to take Ultimate Young away from me.  No way!”
Taylor Thompson
"Ultimate Young delivers everything I have ever looked for in other products but never found - and it does it at an incredible speed and with such visible results that I am totally excited! Looking a lot younger and fresher in seconds - no more puffiness under the eyes - no deep wrinkles under the eyes. Whenever I use this product, you really can't tell my real age anymore! This product is an absolute "MUST HAVE" for me!"
Thomas Prautsch
"At first, I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the mirror! What this product makes possible is indescribably fantastic. No more annoying laughter lines, no more sagging lower eyelids! And all that at such speed! Ultimate Young is awesome! I don't want to be without my new-found youthfulness ever again - thanks Ultimate Young!"
Petra Prautsch
"The difference is striking! I feel 10 years younger! I love Ultimate Young and can only recommend it to everyone, who values their appearance. Just a little amount is enough, which makes the product long-lasting and unique!"
Betty Tänny
Gudrun Hardekopf
Dr. Joe Dornberger
Bettina Hög
Josi di Nauta
Kristiane Schuhmann
Yordana Kyuchukova
Mariana Dobreva
Werner Moser
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Anita Pichler
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